Sony VPL-FX500L - 3 LCD-projektor - 7000 lumen - 7000 lumen (farge) - XGA (1024 x 768) - 4:3 - uten linse

Sony VPL-FX500L - 3 LCD-projektor - 7000 lumen - 7000 lumen (farge) - XGA (1024 x 768) - 4:3 - uten linse VPL-FX500L
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Forventet inn: 03.10.18
  • 3 LCD XGA BrightEra panel with enhanced UV protection to reduce the effect of heating on the LCD panel
  • Standard lens has wide manual zoom
  • Dual lamp capacity, auto-switched giving effective 6000-8000 hours lamp life
  • Filter maintenance synchronized with lamp replacement
  • Lower operating power consumption than previous models
  • Wide range of inputs for a variety of source devices
  • D-Sub15 output for external monitor connection
  • Wide range of image adjustment
Featuring a very wide range of lens-shift adjustment, and interchangeable lenses, this is a projector that installers can easily fit into awkward places, often reusing mounts and fixtures. The VPL-FX500L is so flexible that it can replace a very wide range of existing equipment.

Outstanding image quality is just one of the many benefits of Sony's 3 LCD-BrightEra technology. By reducing the effects of UV light, it lengthens panel life, brightens the image, and improves color rendition.

Maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. Automatic lamp-switching means at the end of a lamp's working life, another one, already in place, is brought into use. Synchronized lamp and filter cycles halve the required number of maintenance visits. The VPL-FX500 is the perfect choice for venues that need an extremely bright projector with a high quality image and low maintenance costs


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